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Reopening Plans: April 12th

After yesterday’s news, we are hoping to be back on April 12th for Personal Training and Movement Therapy... Read more

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Regress To Progress: Keep Moving Forward

We all learn to love the movements that we perform for our chosen hobby or sport... Read more

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Case Study: Explosive Movements & Weightlifting

Last year I worked with a really interesting client who was having back and hip issues during his weightlifting... Read more

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The Missing Link for Movement: Making Predictions?

An undervalued part of moving safely is being able to make predictions about the tasks and movements you are performing... Read more

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Core Control: “You Can’t Fire A Cannon From A Canoe”

Some of the most advanced and exciting exercises you can perform require speed, quickness and the ability to be explosive... Read more

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Regress To Progress

Very often when we try to do an exercise, a movement or a task; we’ll find that we are unable to do it at the required intensity... Read more

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Concussion Finally Gains New Attention

From the 6th February, the English Premier League will introduce Concussion substitutes following the lead from rugby and other sports... Read more

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Client Education in Movement Therapy: A Sustainable Solution

A huge part of my role as a Movement Therapist is teaching people about how their body works and the relationships between different areas... Read more