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Adfitness is a comprehensive health and fitness service, here to help you live life and love your body.

Whether you want to lose weight, get better at your sport or overcome long term pain we will help you achieve your aim.

Situated in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire and serving in person clients from the counties of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Herefordshire, and Gwent.

Providing Online Services to individuals, clubs and organisations all over the world.

We Achieve Your Health And Fitness Goals

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What I Do

Personal Training

I take great pride in being a Personal Trainer. I work with individuals, pairs and small groups to deliver an effective health and fitness solution. Sessions are delivered from a private studio within the Forest of Dean, ensuring you can voice your thoughts, feelings and concerns openly and exercise confidently to a level that is perfect for you.

Movement Therapy For Chronic Pain

Movement Therapy is a novel approach to helping you break free from Chronic Pain. It is built on the premise that all Pain is constructed by the brain, 100% of the time. When a true pathology has been ruled out and any tissue damage has healed, the remaining pain is created as a protective mechanism by the Nervous System. Movement Therapy combines Manual Therapy, Corrective Exercise and Education to increase the sense of safety in the body and decrease the sensation of Pain.

Employee Health & Wellbeing

I am proud to deliver a range of Employee Wellbeing services. My services can be adapted to your bespoke needs from talks and workshops through to providing on site services for Personal Training, Sports Massage or Movement Therapy.

Sports Massage Therapy

As a Sports Massage Therapist I use Hands on Manual Therapy to help provide therapeutic touch. The goal is to ease tight muscles and improve circulation. This effect takes place by calming the Autonomic Nervous System allowing muscles to relax, experience improved flexibility and reduced tension. This can improve recovery from Sport and your day to day work.

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