Movement Therapy is a novel approach to helping you break free from Chronic Pain. It is built on the premise that all Pain is constructed by the brain, 100% of the time. When a true pathology has been ruled out and any tissue damage has healed, the remaining pain is created as a protective mechanism by the Nervous System. Movement Therapy combines Manual Therapy, Corrective Exercise and Education to increase the sense of safety in the body and decrease the sensation of Pain.


Through analysis, coaching, manual therapy, neurological techniques and corrective exercise; we build a strategy to get you back on your feet and moving to your fullest potential.


Many approaches to dealing with Pain, deal with symptom management. The goal of our process is to address the causes of the issue.


The analogy I use with my clients is describing pain as a wet patch on a ceiling. We can address the wet patch by drying it and repairing it, but the water must have come from somewhere. If we just ameliorate or ease the symptoms of pain, we leave the individual at risk of that pain returning.


Instead, we look for the where the water came from in the first place.


We look for the driver of the issue.


By doing this, alongside easing the painful symptoms, we can offer hope of a longer lasting solution to chronic pain.


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