I am here to help you achieve your Weight Loss goals.


I take a modern, holistic perspective and aim to work in an educational manner.


Participants in my programmes leave with an understanding of how they gained weight in the first, what we are going to do about it and how they can maintain these changes in the future.

This is really important to me because we are aiming for real, often life changing or life saving results.


Programmes will include a full lifestyle analysis, home exercise strategy and in person sessions.


We start by sitting down to have an in depth chat to really understand your story. We speak about your experiences of health, your background, your current situation and your expectations of the future.


I don’t offer false hope or promise dramatic results over night. We build a strategy and a timeline that is right for you.


Based in a quiet, rural setting; our private studio is equipped with dumbbells, barbells, weight rack, lifting floor, cross trainer, spin bike, resistance bands, suspension trainer and lots of space!


If you would like to discuss your goals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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