NKT allows us to get clients out of pain and help them regain confidence in their bodies which they may have lost due to injury or ongoing pain. Taking a whole body approach and studying the clients history ensures we deliver lasting results. It is useful for all sort of pain, from sports injuries to back pain relief. 

Neurokinetic Therapy(r) is a unique form of movement correction and pain management because it directly interacts with the Motor Control Centre, situated in the Cerebellum. Using a Manual Muscle Testing protocol we can correct faulty movement patterning which may have resulted in movement dysfunction. Problems can arise from overuse or underuse of certain movements, repetitive strain injuries, postural habits or traumatic injury.

We help clients find the true cause of pain so that they understand how the problem originated. This then allows us to treat the cause and not just the symptoms, ensuring lasting results.

Pioneered by David Weinstock, find out more at www.neurokinetictherapy.com.

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