I take great pride in being a Personal Trainer. I work with individuals, pairs and small groups to deliver an effective health and fitness solution. Sessions are delivered from a private studio within the Forest of Dean, ensuring you can voice your thoughts, feelings and concerns openly and exercise confidently to a level that is perfect for you.


Our Programme is designed to be educational, giving you a toolbox of skills and knowledge to stand you in good stead in the long term. It is very important to me that clients understand the "Why?" of the decisions we make and the methods we use rather than just the "What?".


Our success depends on three factors:


Firstly we analyse your current routine and background, and work out exactly what brought you to your current point. We then implement effective changes to your lifestyle & nutrition that are not only easy to stick too but personalised to you.


Secondly we build the exercise & activity programme that is right for you. We look at what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you like to do and the current accepted best practice; and then we bring it all together in a fun and active session.


And finally, I keep you on track. I don't make false promises about overnight transformations. I educate you and give you a toolbox that sees you leaving the programme with the look you want and the tools to maintain it. We motivate you through the programme to produce your best efforts and have fun whilst doing it!

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