Session prices at Adfitness are


£45 for Body Mechanic Movement Coaching

£25 for Individual Personal Training for 1 hour

£15 for Individual Personal Training for 30 minutes

£30 (£15 each) for Joint Personal Training for 1 hour


Please note all sessions are subject to a strict 24 hour cancellation policy with no exceptions. Cancellations are made via Phone call, Voicemail or Text message to 07707242926.


With Group Personal Training each member shall be responsible for their own session. I.e. If one person cancels or misses their session at less than 24 hours notice they will be liable for their half of the session and the session will go ahead for the hour as planned. If they need to cancel a session more than 24 hours in advance then the remaining member can book a single PT session for the hour or take a half hour PT session (same price as one half of Group Personal Training).

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