Here are some comments left by my clients, personal training testimonials and for work I have done with them in areas such as strength training, weight management, pain relief, sports injury and many more.  To see the many ways that AD Fitness can can help you, please take a look at our services pages, or get in touch for a chat to see how we can help. 


So pleased to have ‘found’ Chris! I’m really enjoying my sessions and it’s great to see my fitness & strength improving each week. Chris is very knowledgeable and patiently explains each exercise whilst also ensuring that they are performed correctly. He varies the content of each session and although challenging, he still manages to make them fun and enjoyable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris as a Personal Trainer and look forward to many more sessions with him!

- PB

“My daughter is a tumbler and she was experiencing back pain and other issues which had limited her tumbling progress for many months. After a few sessions with Chris she is back tumbling (pain free!) and making progress once again. Her confidence has also increased massively as not only did Chris help her physically, he spent a lot of time focussing on the psychological/mental side of the sport, which was clearly a large part of the problem. I would recommend Chris - he really knows his stuff!”

- LS

Highly recommend Chris! Chris has helped me massively during the most recent lockdown. I had been suffering with a painful shoulder and knee whilst exercising. Due to the lockdown rules, Chris has managed to help me out over Zoom, not only fixing the pain I had, but also sorting out alignment issues which was causing the pain to come back. I can now exercise confidently with no pain! Can’t recommend him enough and will definitely use his services again if required! Thanks again Chris.

- KJ

"Having sustained a wrist injury that hadn't gotten any better after months I was recommended to AD Fitness. Chris was able to trace the issue after a thorough consultation of not just my current injury but my full history of injuries. Having this knowledge he was able to diagnose a number of primary leading to secondary issues I was having and in only a couple of sessions completely realigned my body and through resistance therapy rid my pain. I found the experience fascinating and will be sure to go back with my next sport injury."

- RT

Having suffered with sciatica on and off for several years, a friend recommended Chris of Ad Fitness as a treatment option.

At first I was sceptical due to the many failed previous treatment modalities I had tried, however I made an appointment.

Chris was the first therapist that took a full injury history from birth, he asked about surgeries, hospital visits, scars, dental work, accidents, strains, sprains, aches and pains.

During our sessions he not only helped my body to permanently overcome sciatica but also to release jaw tension, re-allign my hips through exercise, release repetitive strain injuries which strengthened my wrists, alleviate the pains from tennis elbow which strengthened my elbows, cleared twitching from one of my eyes which in turn cleared some old fear based triggers around an eye injury that I had previously forgotten about, he also cleared the weakness in my knees and as an unexpected bonus, once all the injuries were healed, my symptoms of anxiety and depression became negligible.

It has become clear to me that I misunderstood my body's way of communicating and that aches, pains, anxiety and depression are part of its communication process.

Since my initial treatment last year I have recommended his services to my friends and colleagues. I have also recommended NKT as an excellent treatment option for my family members who live further afield. NKT is the way forward as it treats the whole body which has an impact on ones state of mind.

Chris is now my first port of call for any muscle, tendon, nerve or bone issues that arise from what doctors call either 'the ageing process' or 'natural wear and tear'. He has given me back my mobility and my mental health ... I am eternally grateful.

- N.S

I have used chris on several occasions to help overcome injury’s that I have suffered through running and football and I have always had good results.My recent injury being a hamstring injury but somehow found the root cause being from my ankle and calf.Always feel re-energised and more flexible after the therapy.Definatly recommend Chris Adams

- Chris Addis

I would highly recommend Chris Adams to anyone. I have used him on several occasions to help with various injuries. Originally I had a hip problem which Chris discovered had stemmed from quad and ligament injuries from years before hand.
Chris has since rectified a few knee and foot problems as well.
The service he provides is always first class and everything throughout the process is always explained in detail.
My confidence and knowledge of the body has allowed me to push myself to achieve more in my running than I ever could have imagined. Can't thank Chris enough for his efforts in helping with this!

- Lee Kibble

I have used Chris several times and always come away happy. Chris is professional but sympathetic always explaining what he is doing and why you are in pain. I have learnt so much about how my body works through my treatments with Chris. I have highly recommended Chris to family and friends. No problem you have is too small or big for Chris to work through.

- Michelle Holder

I went to see Chris Adams for some NKT because I am training for the London marathon, when I was doing a long run I was finding pain in my left shoulder and pain in my right knee, he evaluated all of the complaint areas and spent some time sourcing the original problem which was my head, we did some exercises on the day to build the strength back in the muscles that were playing me up, we then spent some time discussing home exercises for me to continue strengthening my arm and knee! Since then my runs are so much more comfortable and I feel faster! Thank you so much Chris I will continue to recommend you! 100% top service and very attentive! Thanks again!

- Jodie

I had been suffering with a groin injury for just over 4 weeks, which stopped me participating in exercise and caused me to walk with a limp. I then visited Chris for a consultation which was very detailed and he picked up on issues that I had which was causing the groin problems. He then treated these other issues which allowed my groin problem to clear up fully within 2 weeks. Within this 2 week period I was also given exercises to do to help strengthen then area. I was back playing Football within 2 weeks and have had no recurring problems to date. A great professional and knows his stuff!

- Scott Albon

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