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New Year, New You: The Problem Is Not The Problem

After Christmas, many of us will make changes to our lives to be happier, fitter, healthier and more successful... Read more

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Focus On What You Can Control

I have been having the same conversation with a number of clients so I thought it might be helpful to share this with you here... Read more


Behaviour Change: What If Overwhelm Is The Underlying Cause?

I had a great chat with a client this week who was struggling to stick to her behaviour change goals that we had set. We had already identified that she was using snacking as a “pick me up” in order to elevate her low mood, and we had set some conservative steps in order to create an environment for change... Read more

Is Overeating The Problem Or A Symptom?

When someone chooses to lose weight the first thing they may identify is a habit of snacking... Read more

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Moving Well, Moving Safely

One of the key components of dealing with Chronic Pain is understanding that not all Pain is created by damage... Read more

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Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone, But Safely?

I have been a qualified Personal Trainer for nearly 11 years now, but one of the things that might surprise you to know is that I used to feel very uncomfortable in gyms... Read more

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Good Health Is More Than Just The Absence of Illness

The sign of true recovery from Chronic Pain isn’t supple muscles and mobile joints... Read more

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Stress: Have You Got A Back Up Plan?

Last week I was talking about stress and how it has really elevated over the last 12-18 months... Read more

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Stress: The Next Pandemic?

A common theme has been coming up in clinic since I reopened in April... Read more

Weight Loss: Big Changes & Small Steps

I gave a talk last week to CAP Business Clubs, and the theme was how to make small steps when starting your health & fitness journey. 912903D2 B2AF 4AAE 896F 6656DB12385E .. Read more