The sign of true recovery from Chronic Pain isn’t supple muscles and mobile joints.

It isn’t even just being pain free.

It’s getting back those behaviours, activities and experiences that Chronic Pain took away from you.

This is something I feel very passionate about.

It’s easy to break a human being down to their constituent parts.

Someone might present with knee pain, but that knee is connected to a human being.

What is that knee pain holding them back from? What are they missing out on?

I love Neurology, I love Movement, I love Exercise & Rehabilitation, Lifestyle Analysis.

But don’t put the cart before the horse.

Everything we do, every tool we use is to facilitate you feeling safe and confident within your own body and being able to get back to your work, your sport and your life.

“Good health is more than just the absence of illness.”

Chris Adams

Adfitness Body Mechanic