One of the key components of dealing with Chronic Pain is understanding that not all Pain is created by damage.


Once we know that there is no physical damage, we can assess for sensitivity of the Autonomic Nervous System, consisting of the Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System.


The Central Nervous System is the Brain and the Spinal Cord. This is where we process and interpret information provided by the Peripheral Nervous System and the Senses.


The Peripheral Nervous System is a network of receptors around the body receiving about touch, stretch, muscle contraction, pressure, threat, vibration and temperature.


The Central Nervous System assesses this information and then works out if this is harmful or potentially threatening to the body.


The decision that this information is harmful can be skewed by the intensity of the information or by the state of the Central Nervous System.

Through our work in clinic we look to:

1. Rule out more serious injury such as a structural injury. Here at Adfitness Body Mechanic I deal with Functional Issues. If I suspect there is structural injury I will refer you out to one of our clinic partners so that you are in the right hands.


2. Reduce Inflammation in the area. Is your Immune System providing the appropriate Inflammatory response in order to help the area heal and recover?

3. Decrease sensitivity of the Nervous System. Is the response of your Nervous System appropriate to the situation? Are the correct signals being sent by the tissues of your body and are they being interpreted in the right way by the Central Nervous System. This is done via targeted Manual Therapy, Education and Coaching.


4. Access and become confident with movement. Once we have reduced sensitivity, we want to teach you how to access the areas of your body that you have been avoiding due to your painful experience. Can you move into these areas and provide your Brain & Nervous System with positive cues.

5. Strengthening the area in order to prevent reoccurring in the future. Can we make you stronger so that you are more confident and physically resilient in the future. This could lead into a strengthening programme or specific exercises to get you back into your sport or chosen activity.

You can read more about how this Novel approach works by reading some of the Case Studies in the Blog section or some of my Client Reviews on the Testimonials Page.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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