Some of the most advanced and exciting exercises you can perform require speed, quickness and the ability to be explosive.


In any good training programme these exercises come along on the back of more foundational movements that teach skill, precision and core control.


That core control has to be there to provide the stability for the body to produce a large, explosive effort.


As Charles Poliquin puts it,


“You can’t fire a Cannon from a Canoe.”


When a client is complaining of issues that are not there during more stable movements but arise during explosive activities, then we can’t just assess the site of pain.


We need to look more globally at their ability to control the spine, the ribcage and the pelvis in the required positions for the task.

Can they create good control in static positions?


Can they create good control in dynamic positions?


And finally, can they create good control in explosive positions?


If you have hip, shoulder and knee issues that keep coming back, sometimes the best way to take steps forward is to take considered steps backwards.


Slow things down, assess for control and build that strength and stability in the required positions.


From there you can progress forward with confidence.