I love talking about Weight Loss.

And when I start working with a new client that is one of the things we spend a lot of our time doing.


I want to help individuals understand the issues they are dealing with and develop long term solutions.

The goal is not to deliver a “quick-fire-weight-loss” or “inches challenge” but to cultivate a change in attitude, understanding and lifestyle that means the individual will be successful not only now but years and decades into the future.

It is my belief that to achieve sustainable weight loss we first have to understand our weight gain.

For some people, food and drink can be an emotional support and a way to regulate their feelings and stresses.

If we take that away suddenly, then we don’t always have a way to get ourselves back into balance.

We either slip back into that bad habit of depending on food & drink, or we develop new dependencies that might not necessarily be that much healthier than the ones we took away.

We might even be lighter and leaner. But are we vulnerable to getting into that situation again?

Is our new way of life sustainable? How will we adapt if we get ill or injured?

If we can understand the behaviours that led to our disrupted relationship with food, drink and physical activity; then we can aim to find resolutions to these issues.

Sometimes, even just awareness of the issue is enough.

When we get to this point we can find many options that will help us find our way to the weight and look that we want to achieve.

And most importantly, we will be making changes that last.

If you would like to discuss your health & fitness goals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Chris Adams