An undervalued part of moving safely is being able to make predictions about the tasks and movements you are performing.

Being able to accurately anticipate the task and respond appropriately brings in more to consider than just looking at the body as a collection of joints and muscles.

If we look at the task of a catching a ball, we have to use our senses to judge the location of the ball, the speed it is moving and where it will end up. We then move our muscles in time with the prediction from our senses to successfully catch the ball.

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Predictions are being made for all of our movements.

If we aren’t achieving optimal results then our response to a task might be effected by something in our history. This changes the expected outcome and the nervous system tries to protect us by either limiting movement or strength in that instance.

By assessing the systems involved in the task that you have trouble with, we allow the nervous system to feel safe once again and reduce to the need to protect you.

This paves the way for lasting results from our manual therapy and strengthening programmes.