We all learn to love the movements that we perform for our chosen hobby or sport.

Whether you lift weights, run, swim, play basketball, football, golf, rugby; or you do gymnastics or dance; your body adapts to the activity you perform and you build the attributes required.

You gain coordination, speed, conditioning, strength, power, flexibility; whatever is required you adapt through repeated exposure and graded improvement.

But when you get hurt or injured you might find it really hard to jump back in to where you were before your injury.

When you can’t do something, you need to look at the activity and ask:

“What is the stimulus?”
“What is the goal?”
“What do I get from this?

When you know this, you can then modify the activity to make it easier and more achievable for you in that moment BUT STILL keep you moving towards your goal.

- Slow it down
- Reduce the load
- Focus on coordination and technique
- Focus on condition rather than maximum weight

...and the list goes on.

If you set aside a certain number hours for your sport or activity each week and you can’t perform or train like you normally would, use that time to progress your activity in some other way.

You might take smaller steps than usual, you might have to step backwards and sideways a few times rather than exclusively forward.

But keep in touch with your coach, your group and keep making progress.