I believe one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is to try and immediately separate themselves from their existing lifestyle; and try to take on a completely new approach.


When I first started working with clients 10 years ago, I used to impose my beliefs on each client and tell them “The Way I Do It”. Adfitness was started to help Boxers lose weight and get ready for contests. So anyone who came in, boxer or not, hit the pads, skipped and did floor work.


That was my way. “Hardwork and dedication!”.


But as the last decade past, I learned that there are lots of ways to lose weight and get fit. In fact, I believe if you want to get fit, you can go and find everything you need to learn on the internet or in books.


But if all of that information is available, very often for free, why are people still struggling to lead a healthy lifestyle and lose weight effectively?


10 years ago I though it was because people were lazy. I was extremely fit, the boxers I was training were extremely fit and loved to work, work, work. More was always better.


But I was wrong.


What I have learned through experience and through listening to people over the last decade is that people are very often exhausted, both physically and mentally before they even set foot in the gym.


Their lifestyles leave them so stressed, inflamed, sleep deprived and tired that when they start training, they either exhaust themselves further or end up in pain.


The way we approach things now is very different.


The first thing we speak about is all of the things that have brought you to the point where you need help.


What has created a lifestyle where you are less active than you would like to be?

Do you feel more tired than you used to, which is leaving you less inclined to hit the gym or play with the kids?

Has life or work changed so that there is now less time and energy to put into ensuring you eat a quality, healthy diet?

Do you use food or alcohol as comfort or a release from stress?


We interview factors like diet, sleep, stress, work, joint health, pain, fitness, fatigue, digestion and many, many more.


I then teach you why these factors are so important and we build a strategy to deal with them going forward.


Since adding this process our success rate has improved dramatically.


One of my mentors Phil Learney described it as “Having to slow the runaway train down, turning it around and then building momentum and speed in the opposite direction.”


I believe as a Personal Trainer & Health Coach, it is my job to be thorough, to educate you about your health and help you find a solution that lasts.


I have spaces available for one off Consultations and ongoing Personal Training in the New Year. To apply for your space please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Email info@adfitness.biz today.


Chris Adams

Personal Trainer & Movement Therapist