I am proud to offer remote sessions by Skype.


Clients can now access coaching, fitness sessions and movement therapy sessions. These sessions are available to anyone who is self isolating or just doesn’t feel safe coming out at the moment.


I have been working in Health and Fitness for 10 years and Movement Therapy for 5. I am proud to have helped many clients through private, semi private training and group coaching sessions, aiming to achieve a variety of goals from overcoming lower back pain or tennis elbow, through to competing in bodybuilding or going to the Paralympics.


Remote Coaching


A 30 or 60 minute chat about your health and fitness goals. We can review what you are up to at present and pick through your background.


In my experience, the keys to achieving your weight loss goals lie in the detail. We work out what has driven your situation and brought you to the point that you currently find yourself in.


We pick through your story: everything from childhood eating and exercise habits through to your current stress and sleeping habits. We pick out the key weaknesses and areas of potential strength. We take those points and come up with key actionable points that you can take away and get started on immediately.


Many people fail in their fitness goals, not because they lack dedication or application. But often because they simply bite off more than they can chew.


By breaking things down we can make your goals understandable and achievable.


Fitness Sessions


During these uncertain times, it is very important that you keep yourself healthy. If you are used to going to the gym, there is no reason for you to stop working towards your goals.


I can deliver Personal Training sessions Live via Skype or through Pre Recorded Video. Sessions can be adapted to the space and equipment you have available. Whether you have a fully equipped gym or your lounge floor and a bottle of water, we can build a workout that is suitable for you.


You can have a complete gym sessions, or video demonstrating particular exercises. Everything is adapted to your requirements, get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Movement Therapy


I am proud to be an Anatomy In Motion practitioner. As seen on BBC’s ‘Doctor In The House’, this excellent System allows me to analyse how you to stand, how you move and how you perform tasks.


When you are experiencing Movement Dysfunction your body has two options: it can reduce the problem or increase compensation.


Assessing via Video Call, I assess your static posture, your walking gait and how you perform tasks. The goal is to see and understand what your body likes to do and what it does not like to do.


When you are walking, every joint in the body moves in all three planes of motion. By watching you walk we can understand which joints move well and which do not. We can then create movements that help to restore balance and freedom of motion.


This can then be combined with exercises to help “lock in” these changes. All homework is videoed for you to keep and to refer back to again and again as needed.




Whatever your needs, I can help you find a solution. Please get in touch to discuss your health and wellness goals today.