I hope you are enjoying a fantastic start to the New Year. January is always an exciting time in the Health & Fitness world with so many people looking to turn over a new leaf and make positive changes to their health.


With so many options & ideas on the table it is important that you keep a clear view of what it is that you want to achieve. I will always implore people to start with an understanding of what has brought them to the point where they feel a change is necessary, before they start to implement new changes.


After all, to get the best answer you need to know what the question is in the first place.


So if you are planning to make lifestyle changes in 2019, stop and think about what it is that is causing you issues in the first place.


For example, if you want to lose some weight, think about what has brought you to the point where you are overweight in the first place. If you use an "off the shelf" solution and make drastic changes you are kind of hoping that your enthusiasm for the task will enable you to "outrun" your previous lifestyle habits and issues.


But if you think of assessing your lifestyle habits and asking why the negative ones exist in the first place, then not only do you have more chance of achieving a positive, lasting result; but you also avoid the risk of unsettling yourself.


I start with a process of "picking the low hanging fruit". What is the easiest 'stuff' to get to, the easiest places to make changes.


Think of your most obvious negative habits.


This might be having a biscuit every time you have a cup of tea at work.

It might be regularly having a pudding after tea at night.

It might be struggling to sleep.

It might be getting a sweet snack every time you buy fuel.

It might be parking right next to the store entrance every time you go shopping.


These areas are ones that are really easy to change and can make a huge difference to your weight loss goals.


Achieving a positive change in your health is about making small changes which add up to a huge improvement.


Remember, your life has evolved to the way it is due to your experiences and your day to day routine. Trying to drop a new health & fitness routine straight over the top of that can be very stressful.


Picture your new healthier lifestyle and then plot small steps in between, to transition to that goal.


That way, when you get there you will have a lifestyle that is not only more positive but sustainable in the long term.


If you would like to book a consultation to discuss your New Years Resolutions and how to make 2019 the year you finally achieve your goals, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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