A huge part of my role as a Movement Therapist is teaching people about how their body works and the relationships between different areas.

I use explanations, demos, drawings and software such as you can see here on my Facebook post- 


- to help you understand how your body moves.

Your body doesn’t process movement in terms of individual muscles, it thinks in terms of goals.

“I want to move this from here to here.”

Lots of muscles, ligaments and other tissues will become involved and we have to explore the relationships between structures.

Something that acts as a stabiliser in one relationship could be responsible for movement in another.

We need to explore these relationships and give your body the help it needs to self regulate and recover.

The ultimate goal of my sessions is autonomy and self reliance.


If we can understand how these relationships work in our bodies then we can create a foundation for true recovery from chronic pain & movement dysfunction.