A previous client asked me to have a chat with his Mother In Law as she was suffering from Notalgia Paresthetica, a constant itching of the back, ribs and hips. She has been under a dermatologist but creams and lotions only dull the sensation. She said it was not painful but just incredibly frustrating.

Notalgia Paresthetica is a condition of the nerves originating from the 4th, 5th and 6th Cervical Vertebrae. As creams, lotions and steroids had not effected it then it was possible that there could be a compression at this part of the spine, driving the dysfunction and aggravating the nerves.

What we typically looking for in this situation is any history of whiplash or head trauma but she did not have any. But she did have a fall in her history so I looked for a lumbar compression and wanted to see if it was referring problems to the C spine. This is possible during gait due to the Lovatt Brother Relationship.

Using an analytical Rub Spine technique, I found dysfunction at L2 and C4; and a pairing between the two.

At the neck I found a dysfunctional relationship between the Left and Right Posterior Scalenes, combined they were compressing the joints in the lower neck.

At the lower back I found a dysfunctional pairing in the right side Psoas and QL. Together they were compressing the Lumbar Vertebrae.

By correcting the pairs using Neurokinetic Therapy and providing a little bit of cervical decompression, we managed to clear the stress on the nerves.

The itching was gone and our hypothesis was confirmed. The client now has a short Home Exercise Programme to complete and this will be fully resolved.