IMG 246A Client presented with chronic lower back pain. She had seen many different therapists over many years who had attempted to Mobilise her Sacrum and had adjusted her very unhappy Lumbar Spine. This had often brought temporary relief but had not helped in the long term.

During our static posture assessment there did not seem to be anything too amiss, but during gait a remarkable thing happened.

 She walked with no movement in her shoulders and far too much movement in her hips.

 "Do you dance?"

"Yes I have done Latin American dance since I was a small child."

 During Latin American dance it is good practice for her to keep her shoulders static and exaggerate the movement of the hips.

But because this Lady was so good at her hobby, she had maintained this pattern during her daily gait.


This left her with hypermobility of the Lumbar Spine, and particularly the L5-S1 joint; and next to no mobility in her Thoracic Spine.

We taught her to mobilise her shoulders whilst walking and gave strengthening exercises to stabilise the Lumbopelvic complex.


This brought about a dramatic reduction in pain.


How does your sport or hobby effect your posture?