I am very proud to be in my 11th year of being a Personal Trainer. Over the last decade, the most common question I receive is “What do you think of ’x’ for weight loss?”.


”What do I think of...

Lifting weights




Intermittent Fasting



Protein Shakes

etc, etc, etc.”


The answer is they are all tools in the weight loss toolbox. They are means of increasing calorie output or reducing calorie input.


How you wield that toolbox is the art and the science.


If one of these tools gets you really excited about improving your health then that is fantastic and something to be very proud of.


There are some fantastics gyms, programmes and institutions both locally and all around the world that yield fantastic results.


Each of them may use a particular strategy or system and that’s amazing.


I see lots of people get very excited about a particular method.


But there is no one way to get the job done and anyone who tells you otherwise, needs to step back and have a rethink.


To lose weight you need to be able regulate your calorie intake and keep a sufficient calorie output.


How you go about doing that is up to you.


When I work with a client we tend to have a few common ingredients, and I will go through them in my next blog.


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